Started by Pamela Sparks and Isabel Shy in 2002, Silver Box Homes offers unmatched home construction services all around Ontario.


Silver Box Homes comprises seasoned home builders, experienced contractors, and licensed architects to complete your home for you.


We can build any home style of your preference – cottage, villa, cabin, manor, laneway homes – you name it.


Silver Box Homes can complete custom built homes. We also offer prefab homes to anyone who wants their home built much faster, with less hassle.


Through our years of being in the home building industry, there’s one thing we keep on top of our priorities – client satisfaction. That’s our main goal, to make YOU happy and content with the quality of work we do.


This is why Silver Box Homes will assist you in every step of the way so we can build your home together. From taking care of construction documents to choosing the perfect sheets for your bed, we will help you out.


If you have questions and would like to talk to one of our home building professionals, you may contact Silver Box Homes for a meeting. Send us an email or ring our number and one of our reps will schedule a meeting for you. Our business hours are from 9 to 4, Mondays through Fridays.