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Painting Ceramic Tiles on Your Walls

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for homeowners from different countries. Tiles are not only being used on bathroom or kitchen floors, but also on walls.

Ceramic Tiles

There are many advantages to using tiles for your home. Tiles come in various textures, designs, and colors that everyone could definitely find something that would suit their taste. Aside from that, tiles are durable and easy to clean.


But over time, tiles can crack or chip. Some of the printed designs on them could also fade after many years. Another downside of having ceramic tiles is that having them totally replaced can be costly and messy.


For this reason, numerous creative homeowners who love doing do-it-yourself crafts have come up of an easy, stress-free way you can give the tiles on your walls a makeover.


Painting over ceramic tiles on your walls is a convenient way you can amp up your faded tiles.


Removal of tiles to have them replaced with new ones can be a lot of work. Imagine, each of these tiles would be detached from the walls. Then, the marks the tiles have left on your walls would need to be fixed before even getting to the process of actually being able to lay new tiles or apply paint on what were formerly tiled walls.


It could take several days to weeks for the entire process to be completed. You might even need to hire a professional to help you remove the tiles safely and more quickly.


On the other hand, if you decide to just paint over the tiles, you can get a quick and affordable upgrade. Top to it off, you can even do it yourself. You only need to buff the tiles if they’re particularly glossy, do some minor repairs if there are cracks or chips on the tiles, then apply paint.


You’d be surprised at how a simple upgrade can do wonders for your walls.

Natural Wood Decks VS Composite Decks

Composite Decks

Decks are a great addition to any home. They serve as an excellent spot where you can relax and entertain guests. A beautifully constructed deck can also increase your home value. A deck built at a perfect spot with a view may just be a place every homeowner needs.


Just as with building any other part of your home, building a deck requires a lot of decision making. And, when it comes to building your deck, one of the first questions that would be asked is the type of material you want to be used to build it.

Composite Decks

Natural wood and composite materials are two of the most popular choices used in building modern outdoor decks.


Natural wood is made of pure wood while the composite is composed of plastic materials combined with wood particles. Each deck material has its weakness and strengths.


Natural Wood Deck


Decks made from natural wood materials are still preferred by some homeowners today because of the natural gorgeousness of wood. Aside from wood’s innate charm, it also has undeniable strength and durability.


Natural wood decks are also more affordable as compared to composite decks when it comes to installation and initial cost.


The downside to having wood decks, though, is that they are very high maintenance and would need regular sanding and restaining to protect them from damaging elements such as decay, insect infestation, and deformation.


Composite Decks


Some go for decks made from synthetic materials because composite decks are easier to maintain. Apart from having low upkeep, a high-quality composite deck can look as beautiful as natural wood. What makes composite decks even more appealing is that there are available options where these composite materials were made to be scratch resistant or even fade resistant.


But composite decks cost a lot more than natural wood decks. Additionally, since composite decks are made from synthetic materials, they are not as eco-friendly as natural wood decks.

If you are looking for a new deck or any type of addition to your home, give Silvercrest Renovations a call today.


Laminate or Hardwood Flooring, Which One to Choose?


There is an endless list of choices when it comes to your home’s flooring. Natural stone, tiles, vinyl, broadloom carpets, and wood are just some of the most popular flooring choices anywhere in the world.


Wooden floors, because of their natural beauty, is a common flooring option many homeowners go for. Wood is ideal to be used in many different rooms in your house – it is an excellent choice for your living area, your bedroom, even for dining rooms and kitchens.


When it comes to wooden floors, you have generally two choices, hardwood floors, and laminate flooring. Each of these options has their own pros and cons, and, if you’re torn between these two types of flooring, you might want to weigh in on their strengths and weaknesses.


Hardwood Floors



Extremely durable and can last a lifetime

Easy to repair in case of damages. Simple sanding and refinishing will do the job.

Adds value to your home

Has a noticeably better appearance than laminate



Vulnerable to scratches

May contract or expand, depending on the temperature

Difficult to install that only skilled professionals can install it properly and flawlessly

Significantly more expensive than laminate flooring


Laminate Flooring



Very easy to install that some homeowners opt to install it themselves

Fast installation

More affordable than hardwood floors

Resistant to scratches, therefore ideal for homes with indoor pets that love to scratch

Can withstand moderate moisture and stains

Easier to clean and maintain than hardwood floors



Does not increase home value by a significant amount

Vulnerable to exposure to direct sunlight

Might require replacement of floorboards when they get damaged. Cannot be sanded nor refinished

While laminate flooring is stain and water-resistant, it only has a lifespan of around a decade

Sometimes, even the most expensive laminate flooring is still incomparable with the cheapest hardwood floors

Common Mistakes in Home Construction You Need to Watch Out For

Home Construction

If it’s not your first time to have for the house built or renovated for you and you’ve always been hiring professional home builders to handle the job for you, then the chances that you, as the homeowner, will commit costly mistakes is very minimal.


However, if you’re just about to build your very own home for the very first time, there can be many grave mistakes you can make. If you can avoid making these mistakes, you can avoid wasting precious time and hard earned money – you can also save yourself from all the frustration and headache of needing to correct these mistakes.


One of the most common mistakes you need to watch out for is being victimized by shady home construction companies. Not just because this company claims to be ‘the best’ doesn’t mean it’s true – as a matter of fact, many home builders will actually claim that.


And when it comes to construction, you have to be wary of home building companies that offer unbelievably low bids or rates – because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is not true. You could be risking getting entangled in low work quality or there could be hidden charges as the builder starts working on your home.


Another mistake is not being financially prepared. We all know that home construction and renovation is costly. But aside from the money, you have set aside from the construction, it will be a lot safer if you would save more than what you’re expecting to pay just in case there are unforeseen issues that will come up during construction or renovation.


Attempting to do the actual construction yourself when you have zero knowledge in home building is also a common mistake. No matter how Youtube tutorial videos make it seem really easy and doable, home construction is a complex, difficult job that requires the help of a professional. Trying to literally build your own home will only result in disastrous mistakes.