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Laminate or Hardwood Flooring, Which One to Choose?


There is an endless list of choices when it comes to your home’s flooring. Natural stone, tiles, vinyl, broadloom carpets, and wood are just some of the most popular flooring choices anywhere in the world.


Wooden floors, because of their natural beauty, is a common flooring option many homeowners go for. Wood is ideal to be used in many different rooms in your house – it is an excellent choice for your living area, your bedroom, even for dining rooms and kitchens.


When it comes to wooden floors, you have generally two choices, hardwood floors, and laminate flooring. Each of these options has their own pros and cons, and, if you’re torn between these two types of flooring, you might want to weigh in on their strengths and weaknesses.


Hardwood Floors



Extremely durable and can last a lifetime

Easy to repair in case of damages. Simple sanding and refinishing will do the job.

Adds value to your home

Has a noticeably better appearance than laminate



Vulnerable to scratches

May contract or expand, depending on the temperature

Difficult to install that only skilled professionals can install it properly and flawlessly

Significantly more expensive than laminate flooring


Laminate Flooring



Very easy to install that some homeowners opt to install it themselves

Fast installation

More affordable than hardwood floors

Resistant to scratches, therefore ideal for homes with indoor pets that love to scratch

Can withstand moderate moisture and stains

Easier to clean and maintain than hardwood floors



Does not increase home value by a significant amount

Vulnerable to exposure to direct sunlight

Might require replacement of floorboards when they get damaged. Cannot be sanded nor refinished

While laminate flooring is stain and water-resistant, it only has a lifespan of around a decade

Sometimes, even the most expensive laminate flooring is still incomparable with the cheapest hardwood floors